How to draw an octagone inscribed in a circle:

How to draw an heptagone inscribed in a circle:

How to draw a pentagone inscribed in a circle:

How to draw an hexagone:


Here you can find the characteristics of a polygon:

Polygons For Kids Rap Song | Geometry Video


Star polygons

First thing we have to do is to find out the center of the sheet:

Once you have have found the center of the sheet….watch this video. In this video you can see how to make and decorate a star polygon, but it is only a suggestion, now you can choose the number of sides of your star polygon and decorate it however you want.

Starting from a star-shaped polygon of more than 12 points, the students have made a mandala like the ones you can appreciate here in this video:

Gelli Plate Prints

To work with the gelli plates you need these elements:

1. Gelli plate
2. roll
3. acrylic
4. sanitizing gel
5. paper
6. stencils
7. Plants such as leaves, blades of grass, flowers, petals
8. fabrics


If you want to experiment with this technique here you can find some tutorials:

1. Superposition of prints, use of white cork sheets or other materials to capture the texture on the inked gel plate.

White cork can be used in three different ways as shown in the following videos:

2. Superposition of prints, use templates or plant elements that mask some areas.

3. Inking of the gel plate taking care of the aesthetics, composition and color to transfer the result to adhesive tape that you will stick to different supports.

4. Finally, you will experiment with templates made with thermal adhesive and gun, you can use them for stencils by spraying paint or stamping. You can finally enrich your drawing with permanent markers. (It does not use gel plate but you can combine both techniques by superimposing the prints)