Warm and cool colors

We are going to complete the 2nd and the 3rd table that we made two weeks ago, the 1st one has the gray scale.

In the 2nd table we are going to make a range of warm colors.

In the 3rd table a range of cool colors.

You can only use your colored pencils and the 3 primary colors, yellow, magenta and cyan blue.

You have to see the tutorials in this order:

1. Warm range

2. Cold range

To do this exercise I offer you two options:

1. A drawing using the silhouette of your hands.

2. A drawing using a symmetrical figure cut out of cardboard as a silhouette. You can use all the colored pencils you have but divide them between warm and cold colors. If you don’t have many colors you can mix them to get more shades.

In this work we’ll work with recycled materials as diary paper. This technic is called papier maché, and you have to mix paper with white glue. We’re going to make birds, and we’ll paint them using temperas. Each student will choose if he or she wants to paint the bird in warm or cool colors.

In this exercise we’ll work with temperas, applying our knowledge about cool and warm colors. In this case we’re going to make a selfportrait.

These are the final results.


Por fin Raquel y yo hemos terminado la muñeca de papel maché con dibujos inspirados en Moby Dick, que decorará la biblioteca, esperemos que por mucho tiempo. Espero poder seguir haciendo cosas con esta alumna con tanto talento, en música, pintura…


En este enlace podéis ver las distintas fases por las que ha pasado la muñeca de papel maché.

Este año, la alumna Raquel Zamorano y yo, estamos trabajando para mejorar el aspecto de la biblioteca. Hemos decorado los tambores de las persianas con este significativo mensaje.