Dividing a line segment into equal parts

Let’s start by drawing our name with a lot of creativity.

To perform this exercise you must learn to divide a segment into equal parts. But warning! it is very important to know how to do parallel with square and bevel.

Here you can see how to do parallels.

Last year we did a very nice job applying it to making your name. We are going to do a brief review and we are going to apply it to the construction of regular polygons.

The order you have to follow to watch the videos is as follows:

1. Thales Theorem

2. Doing a margin on the sheet (opcional)

3. Second task : Divide a segment

4. General Method


These are the materials that you need for this course 2020-2021:

  • Set of rulers (30 cm, square and bevel)
  • A4 size Sketchbook (Canson, Senator, Centauro) 130 gr or 150 gr.
  • Compass (Maped…)
  • HB pencil, and B or 2B pencil, or both of them.
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Book of color carboards
  • Color markers
  • Black marker
  • 24 Alpino Color pencils

Watch this video to see the materials:

Perpendicular bisector

La mediatriz de un segmento AB, es el lugar geométrico de los puntos que equidistan de sus extremos. También se define como la recta perpendicular al segmento en su punto medio. La mediatriz también recibe el nombre de simetral.

Perpendicular lines


Marcos Salvador Romera is a Murcia painter who made an exhibition at the Almudí Palace about the circus. Use the dot, the line and the plane, in a very simple way to create very descriptive and attractive images of the circus world.

We will use the temperas to create a  similar world  to the one created by this painter, using the primary and secondary colors, to create flat shapes and silhouettes such as circus tents, clowns, faces, etc. and then give them more dynamism and strength overlapping dots and lines.

Finally, I’ve uploaded the works that students made. Enjoy them.

Pinchando en este enlace podrás elegir 6 motivos diferentes a elegir uno, para reproducirlo en tu cuaderno.